Gabriel Sas

Gabriel Sas is the research leader and project manager of the Stable Dams project and works as full time Senior Researcher for NORUT. He also holds a part time Lecturer position at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) in Sweden, where his main duties are supervision of PhD students and teaching the Concrete Structures course at undergraduate level. He has received his Ph.D. in Engineering from LTU for his work on strengthening and upgrading of reinforced concrete structures using fiber reinforced polymer materials. His research interests cover topics from structural behavior of RC elements, rock mechanics and composite materials. He has considerable experience with laboratory and in field testing of large structural elements and numerical modeling based on nonlinear finite element analysis.

Bård Arntsen

Bård Arntsen is the administrative leader of the Stable Dams project. He is responsible for reporting progress to both the Norwegian Research Council and the project steering comitee appointed by the partners. Bård has more than 20 years of experience working as a research scientist at Norut Narvik. Over the years he has managed numerous national and international research projects. His interests primarily cover areas of concrete technology, maintenance and repair and upgrading of concrete structures with a special focus on cold climate technology.

Dipen Bista

Dipen Bista is a PhD in the “Stable dams” project at NORUT. He is from Nepal. He did his MSc. in Hydropower Development from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Tribhuwan University. He has over two years of work experience in planning and design of different Hydropower projects in Nepal. He has worked as an Assistant Lecturer in Hydraulics at Tribhuwan University for a year. His area of research is structural engineering, dam engineering, and concrete technology.

Leif Lia

Leif Lia holds a Professor position at Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering. He has a vast experience in consulting industry and is the current Vice President of ICOLD. Leif acts as main supervisor of PhD candidates and scientific adviser.

Fredrik Johansson

Fredrik is an Assistant Professor at the Division of Soil and Rock Mechanics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He is also a senior researcher within the Swedish Hydropower Center. His main areas of research concern shear strength of rock joints and concrete rock interfaces and the development and implementation of reliability based design methods in rock engineering and dam safety. Fredrik acts as assistant supervisor for the PhD projects and scientific adviser.

Eduardo Martins Bretas

Eduardo Martins Bretas is a Civil Engineer with Ph.D in Dam Engineering. He developed his Ph.D at LNEC, in Lisbon. He lives in Narvik, Norway, with his beautiful wife Ana and his baby Daniel. He works at SWECO Norge, and at NORUT as Senior Researcher. His research work is about the application of finite and discrete element method to the study of concrete and masonry dams, mainly involving collapse analysis, hydromechanical problems, and earthquake action. In Stable Dams research project, Eduardo will manage all the activities related to numerical modelling and guide the PhD and MSc students through this process.