Members of the Stable Dams team, Prof Leif Lia, PhD candidate Dipen Bista and Dr. Cosmin Popescu, have visited several dams in the hydropower complex of the Nåvatn and Skjerkevatn reservoirs in Åseral kommune, Norway. The dams are owned by Agder Energi, the third largest power producer in Norway, after its largest owner, Statkraft who owns it along with 30 municipalities in the region Agder. The aim of the visit was to identify potential test objects for demonstrating the tools and procedures developed within the project. The objective of this demonstration is to connect to a real case study the five main themes researched in Stable Dams:

  1. information retrieval using destructive and non-destructive tools
  2. alternative assessment procedures
  3. computer simulations
  4. long term monitoring of the dams over a full cycle of loading, including ice pressure measurements
  5. proof loading to test the real strength of a dam

The visit has revealed a great potential for testing and we wish to thank Agder Energi for showing so much enthusiasm and openness to research.